Kurt Andro – March 4th 2019


Glasses whose lenses can be switched between near, far and no correction and which differ as little as possible from ordinary glasses in terms of appearance, weight and wearing comfort.

Rotating Mechanism

Two semicircular glasses (one for near correction, the other for distance correction) are joined by a narrow center part to form a circular total glass.

Spectacles with lenses in normal position

The middle part is rotatably connected to the spectacle frame. In a horizontal position it snaps into place, so that in the lower half either the near or the far correction glass is placed in front of the eye.

The right glass is being turned

Hinged Mechanism

Each of the two lenses can be folded forward 90 degrees at the middle bar.

One upper and one lower glass is folded

Folding the lower lens makes it possible to do without correction in one or both eyes, which can be practical in certain visual situations. Folding down the upper glass can achieve a more pleasing look.

Note: All drawings are to be understood as schematic sketches and should clarify the functional principle. They say nothing about the final styling (shapes, colours, materials, etc.) of a design intended for production.

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