Two Power Lamp

Kurt Andro – April 18th 2014

As wall or ceiling lamp for corridor, bathroom and toilet. - A gain for everyone who has to "get out" at night …

Two Power Lamp: Wall mount vs. Ceiling mount


The lighting for the nightly way to the toilet (after you have already slept and your eyes have become accustomed to the darkness) is not optimal in many apartments, i.e. too dark (dangerous) or too bright (unpleasant).

The illumination is often too weak or too uneven, because the light from the night lights* that may be used does not reach everywhere (β†’ Risk of impact, tripping or falling) or it is too bright, because the normal corridor, bathroom and toilet lighting is used (β†’ Glare, problems falling asleep).

Ideally, the complete path should be illuminated evenly and brightly enough so that you can walk safely but not brighter than necessary.

* Night lights are often not a good solution, as sockets are rarely available at all required locations. In corridors they are often covered by cupboards etc.; in toilets there are sometimes none at all.


Use of a wall or ceiling mounted lamp having the following special characteristics

You can either leave this lamp switched on overnight with low power (e.g. to make it easier for children, the elderly or the sick) or you just pre-select the low power and then switch it on and off normally by wall switch if necessary.